Artist Statement

The elemental aspects inherent to the ceramic material are what first drew me to work with clay.  The soft malleable material allows me to work intuitively, and continues to motivate me through the endless possibilities it provides.  I find much pleasure and enjoyment with all of the processes involved in ceramics.  My familiarity with them, and the years working in this medium, brings me a sense of comfort that allows me to extend my vision toward addressing the formal and sculptural aspects of my art form.

 I am greatly influenced and inspired by constructions found in the natural world.  I often look to seedpods, shells, eroded hillsides, caves, grottoes, and canyons for information and references that can be recontextualised in my work.  I find excitement in taking the most basic elements of these organic structures and formations and reapplying them in a pared down, simplified way, into a sculptural form. 

At this time, the primary focus of my work is the coil built vessel, which provides me with a defined arena from which I can explore my sculptural and formal interests.  The vessel provides me with a container through which I can examine the ways in which space can be used or conformed by my hand and the clay to create sensations of ease or tension, expansion or confinement, or two other opposing forces in one form.  The manner in which planes and lines come together or move apart, separate or integrate, enclose or liberate the space within and around a vessel supply me with a continuing source of ideas that I can apply to my work in clay.