Behind the Scenes



I recently received an unexpected package in the mail.   Enclosed was a really nice note and a few cards with this image:



It was 3 years ago, just about this time of year, that Kat Moser made this beautiful image of hair and shadows on my back.  

She wrote to let me know of all of the acclaim the photograph has been receiving.  Recognition by Anne Lyden (from The Getty Museum) in the 2011 Art of Photography Show, pending publication in The Sun Magazine, and more.  Those are no small feats.

Congratulations Kat.  Thanks for sharing the way you see the world.

And thanks for providing me with a really good way to briefly write about how even when it seems like nothing may be happening, things are often occurring behind the scenes.  

In February and March, I spent more time away than at home.


First here:


Dehradun, India  

Then here:


Steamboat Springs, CO  



And finally here:


A pitstop in Tombstone between our stays in Bisbee and Phoenix

It took much more time than I anticipated to settle back into a routine, and really feel myself truly “home” again.  Especially in the studio.  Getting back to work after extended time away is always a bit tricky.  But having the deadline of an upcoming exhibition (more on that to come) helped to keep me going back into the studio day after day, even in those times when the clay and I did not seem to be in sync. 

It just took a little bit of time for all of that work that went on behind the scenes of my consciousness to fully settle in.  All those sights and sounds and spaces from around the world have now settled in, and as my time to create new work for the show at Groveland Gallery is running short, I have more ideas than I will be able to get out.  Quite possibly, I have more ideas than I will be able to get out before years end.


Will someone please remind me to read this post the next time I feel like nothing is happening!


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