Last Minute Handmade Gift Market 12-19-11



It was only one short month ago that the seed was planted for this pop-up shop, and it has been great to collaborate and pull this all together!  Martha, Eireann, Jen, Julia myself all have different strengths to bring to the table, and what at first seemed to be possibly kind of crazy, has actually been coming together with a surprising amount of ease.  We invited some other great makers, and once again, I am finding myself surrounded in good company, by very talented people


If all of that is not enough to entice you to come on over to Modern Times Cafe on Monday night, here is a small sneak peak of my latest venture….clay necklaces.




Despite the fact that when I showed my beloved the first necklace his reply was, “Sweetie, you aren’t a jewelry maker,” I went ahead and made another (the blue one, which is, I believe, much better, but really, what does a man know about ceramic accessories?).  And I will make a few more this weekend.  It makes me happy to sit with the bowls of beads around me, quietly arranging and making something pretty. 

If you are in town, come see my necklaces and all of the other wonderful things at our Last Minute Handmade Gift Market.  If you aren’t, tell people who are.  It might make you happy. 


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