I’m thinking a lot about necklaces lately. 




So it was a real treat to see this beauty made by Kay Sekimachi on this inspirational, and possibly my new favorite, blog.  Last year, American Craft did a really nice piece on K.S.  Even if you don’t read it here, go for a quick look at the images.


This video, “On Handwork”, also comes from the new favorite blog.  


In it, Renata Hiller talks about handwork.  She states that the destiny of humans is in our hands.  And clearly reminds that the work we make with our hands is what connects us to other humans.  I like that reminder.  As I prepare for a last minute holiday sale (with some other fantastic makers, and the reason why I am thinking about necklaces) with my head down in the studio, it is really easy to get caught up in the making.  That selfish side of creating is important since it is from where the work is born.  But I am grateful for the words in the video that remind me that my work becomes so much more relevant, useful, enjoyable, when that which I have touched moves into someone else’s hand.    


While I won’t be in the studio this weekend, I will do some other type of handwork from a comfy couch somewhere.  As I knit or string beads, I will keep in mind (and in hand) another one of R.H.’s notions….that as we work and learn a material, we develop empathy with that material.  Practicing empathy with the material also allows us to practice empathy in general, which then turns making, into an act of healing the world.


Get extra cozy this weekend knowing that when you chop your own veggies or replace that button or knit a new pair of mittens, that you are in some small and wonderful way, possibly making our world a little bit more whole.  

And please save the evening of December 19th for some last minute holiday pop-up shop shopping.  I’ll post more information for you soon.  Along with (hopefully!) some images of a necklace or 3 out of beads I made years ago.

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