A last minute change in plans brought me to New York last weekend when I had thought I would be going to Los Angeles.  The visit was full of emotions as my paternal grandmother was preparing to leave the life she had known for 97 years.  I am so glad that I got to spend time with her before she slipped away and out of her body last Thursday.  I am also really glad that I had a wonderful travel companion who was not only happy to sit for hours at my grannie’s side each day, but who accompanied me on little visits to great places around the city, helping to bring some lightness into what could have been a very heavy visit.


We had great meals, some really nice family time, saw good art, did a bit of shopping, and best of all, experienced some most wonderful and serendipitous surprises…  

I was excited to to go to MoMA for the de Kooning retrospective, but it turns out that the Carlito Carvalhosa’s installation, Sum of Days, was what I enjoyed the most.



There are only a few more days to experience the quiet containment of the installation, and it is worth every effort to see it.  If you can’t get to NYC, you can get a taste of the piece here, and listen to C.C. talk about it here




Cy Twombly’s pieces were also a really nice surprise.  Even in shadows they are good.

The best surprise of the visit was running into one of my besties on the street in NoLiTa.  We walked out of Tartinery, turned the corner, and literally walked right into Rachel.  We got to spend a couple of hours with her and Clare (who we were going to visit in L.A. but she ended up in NYC too!) and I only wished that the few others from our St.Paul posse could have been there too.  But the presence of two of my girls, just showing up, in that stars-aligning-just-right kind of way, makes me feel like all will always be very very well in the world. 

And if that last surprise on the street wouldn’t have been enough to warm a gal’s heart, coming home to John Newsom’s cheery birds and flowers on the 8th floor of Chambers certainly would seal the deal.  Although Midtown is a bit sleepy at night, we were greeted each evening not only with the always friendly smiles of the staff, but with color and charm and this:






And Nobu Fifty Seven was just around the corner. 

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