Art in the World

Does it always feel a bit weird when we start to do something new?

I have recently started to tweet, and it feels a bit weird.  Kind of like when Facebook was new and I hadn’t quite figured out yet how to make the best use of it (if I ever will).  So, I am mostly just reading other peoples tweets from time to time.

John Maeda tweets a lot, so I can’t entirely keep up with him, but he did recently share this really great video of the Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab at the Rhode Island School of Design.  The video is quiet and beautiful, and the Lab looks like a treasure trove of wonder.  Professor Ellie Hollinshead said something about connecting with art in the world, and it made me wish we had a nature lab here in the Twin Cities.  But we don’t, so instead I’ll take a walk by the river, and tweet this post.



I took this picture a couple of weeks ago in Southern MN


And maybe you’ll tell me where you find nature in the world.



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