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Minneapolis has some great photos to visit tonight or in the next couple of weeks.



The opening for, ‘Where in the World?’ is tonight at the Minneapolis Photo Center from 7 to 10 pm.  I really enjoyed reading juror Toby Kemps Statement About the Exhibit.  He acknowledged that with all of the advancements in photographic technology that, “In a real sense, the more perfect an image is, the less believable it becomes”.  The part of me that loved spending time in the darkroom sandwiching negatives, the same part in me that really didn’t love hearing my peers ask me why I spent so much time in the dark with all the chemicals creating an image when I could simply go to the computer, was really touched by T.K’s comment.

Here is a bit more from his Statement, “Sifting through the panoply of amazing images from all corners of the world, I was rapt by photographs that felt like corner-of-the-eye haikus—magical grab shots of interesting faces, street corners, and local spirits. Time and again, I found a rare blend of just-good-enough greatness—a kind of excellent Keith Richards-esque “bad guitar” in photographic form. So give me a fast photograph of a local face or place, something loose and soulful that catalogues one of the countless mini-epiphanies that come at us every time we walk down the street. This is what I hope “Where in the World” captures”.

The opening has already come and gone for the Gallery 122 exhibit of self portraits “A Self Revealed”, but you have until November 5 to see the collection.



Local photographer and long time friend Doug Beasley curated the show.  Not only is Doug a truly gifted visual artist, but he is also a thoughtful, intentional and compassionate man.  I think that the images he frames in the viewfinder are so striking (and might qualify as one of Tony Kemps corner-of-the-eye haikus) because of the clarity he has about himself, and the care with which he places his foot on the planet.  He has composed a really nice collection of self portraits that should be seen.


In 2009 Doug wrote a notable piece about his experience as a juror.  You can read his words here.  

Have a wonderful weekend!  May it be filled with many things sweet, simple, and sublime.


thanks mpls photo center and gallery 122 for your images 



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