Labor Day has come and gone, the light of the sun is more orange, the kiddies are back at school, and Minnesotans are no longer spending every weekend “up North” at the cabin (in theory anyway).  So that means there is some stiff competition for those precious few days of bliss.  This weekend, Friday in particular, it is going to be hard to choose where to go and what to see and do in this city that has so much to offer.  
























Autumn, North Shore by William Murray



If all goes as planned, my Friday will start out celebrating the words from Diane Wilson’s second book, “ Beloved Child” with Birchbark Books.  Then, I’m heading to Groveland Gallery to see the paintings of Rod Massey and William Murray (and have a visit on one of my favorite Minneapolis patio’s with some dear friends).  Last stop on the agenda will be Northern Clay Center.  The twelfth American Pottery Festival will be in full effect, and I am certain that my efforts to not acquire anything new or un-needed (sharing a home can make a gal want to streamline her possessions in a really big way!) will undoubtedly be put to the test.  Throughout the weekend at NCC, artists will give slide talks and there are a couple of panel discussions.  

After all the creative inspirations of Friday night and Saturday afternoon, the rest of my weekend will be filled with a birthday party for two lovely and generous men, time on the river and time in the garden, and I’m hoping lots of good cheer.

What are you doing this weekend?  


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