Small Sculptures

Amy the gallery assistant at Santa Fe Clay was nice enough to send some pictures of the Small Sculptures show.  I would be remiss if I didn’t share them here.


















Once again, my work is in really good company.



Here is a review from the February/March issue of THE Magazine:


Small Sculptures

Miguel Abugattas, Cynthia Rae Levine, Karen Theusen Massaro and Katherine Taylor January 21 through February 26, 2011 Santa Fe Clay, 545 Camino de la Familia, Santa Fe. 984-1122 Opening Reception: Friday, January 21, 5 to 7 pm.

If the broad, bland palate of winter is beginning to bore, a remedy can be found at Santa Fe Clay. There, a show of small works by four unique artists promises to revitalize your eyes with their warm, elemental surfaces. Cynthia Rae Levine’s severed conical forms are simplified versions of the geometries she observes in the natural world. Her coil-built vessels contain movements of lines, planes, and curves, which come together to create sensations of harmony and discord. Karen Theusen Massaro composes similarly elegant but more intimate arrangements of colorful tablets and cones. Delicate patterns playfully lead the eye about her small but complex surfaces. As intricate as coral reefs, Katherine Taylor’s ceramics bloom with energy. Taylor is inspired by the complex interactions that occur between people and their environment, and her sculptures suggest both the curves of the human body and the Earth’s contours. Miguel Abugattas manipulates positive and negative space with curves both voluptuous and slight, evocative of the Southwest landscape. His works attempt to physically give shape to the hopes of modern Native Americans. This is the first opportunity to view a significant collection of work from these artists at Santa Fe Clay.


You have until February 26th to see it all for yourself.


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