Shiny Newness


In the last days of 2010, as I was packing up work to ship out for 2 shows (more info coming soon), I was starting to feel a bit less than full of health and vigor.  As the turning of the year approached, I tried to convince myself I was not sick, but the germs were already settling in, making the first days of 2011 a bit slow and cozy with many tissues, teas, and soups.  Its never nice to be sick, but for some of us, the forced slow down is good.  Especially when the timing is so appropriate for reflecting and dreaming and the making of intentions for the year to come.



This picture was taken by one of my most gracious and generous hosts in Steamboat Springs last month.  

Today I am still not 100%, but I’m finally starting to feel the shiny newness of this new year.  May yours be filled with bright possibilities, good fortune, and many wonderful surprises!

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