A New Perspective

The days are getting shorter, the air a bit chillier, and this blog is going to get some much needed attention! My studio was getting some extra special attention today when I found the quote that I knew was just the thing to get me back in the game.  Not just back into the game of blogging, but the game of making work too. 




I’ve been in one of those places that always arrives and always does pass.  One of those places where the making is not feeling full of ease or grace.  In one of those places from which I wish I could get out of, but know I need to be in because something is simmering and it will soon come to a rolling boil of goodness.  I know this place.  Yet despite the familiarity, I am still not so comfortable here in the waiting.  I feel at once both like turning away, and trying to blast through this imaginary wall that seems to be keeping me from the next great thing.

So it could not have felt more perfect today when I found a quote from Andy Goldsworthy about walls.  “At its best, a wall is a line that is in sympathy with the place through which it travels.”  I’m not sure where that quote comes from, but the new perspective on the wall is encouraging me to travel alongside that internal imaginary wall and discover a new sympathy.  



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