If you are in the Twin Cities, there is still time for you to see the MNWCA group show. As a teaser, I thought I would show you some of my favorites. 


img_0004_1.jpg     img_0002_1.jpg


I love that in the first image Kelly Connole’s rabbit is tucked in next to Ursula Hargen’s most wonderful pitcher.  And I really like the more muted (and so not her usual) color palette that Mary Roettger chose for this piece.  There are a few faves that were overlooked…a problem with being distractible.  But you can find your own favorites when you go.

Take advantage of this weekend’s Art Attack and see much more than just ceramics.

Thanks everyone for the helpful comments.  The decision and the submission has been made and I’m happy to have that complete before a bit of time away.  I’m going to Kripalu where cell phone use is restricted, and wireless capabilities will most likely be limited.  So here’s to checking out for a bit!


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