Good Badlands


My week in the Badlands was a whole lot of everything.  I think it is that way when one who is used to spending lots of time by herself is all of the sudden one of sixteen!  We were a wonderful group of makers and seers and some amazing collaborations took place. 

 But for me personally, I noticed how having my little pocket digital, easy-to-shoot camera with me while wandering the buttes and pinnacles of the flipped over and dried up underwater landscape brought me much closer inside than out.

It is tricky to document the grandeur, strength and power of such a big place.  Especially while still showing the ease with which that same land can crumble beneath ones fingers.  

It was good to get real close, and try to capture a bit of sentiment that way.  And it was even better to set the camera down and simply take it all in.





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