img_0071_1.jpg                                                                                                This image isn’t timely, but the content fits.  It comes from  a  demo and lecture I did with Richard Bresnahan a few years ago.   


This Friday I will be in very good company when I do a demo of  sculptural vessels at the American Craft Council show in St. Paul.  I will be part of a posse from Northern Clay Center.  My peers, Ginny SimsKip O’KronglyKevin Caufield and Mike Helke might all have more flash and drama than I, but I am hoping that my gift for gab will make up for that.  

Hand-building is slow and not very exciting until the work is complete…a bit like watching snow melt.  For these watch-as-you-go type of things, it’s all about the prep work.  And channeling Martha Stewart.

So if you are in the hood, come say hello and then be wowed as you see all of the cool clay tricks fly out of apron pockets.  

And if you can’t make it to the ACC show, I’m posting a video so you don’t feel like you are missing too much.  Ayumi Horie won’t be anywhere near the RiverCenter this weekend, but until the Shonen Knife version of On Top of the World had to be removed for licensing reasons, this was one of my favorite videos (and it’s still quite good even without a soundtrack).  

 If you are interested, you have until this Sunday to submit a new song to accompany the video.  Details are here.



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