Cold and Snow


A few friends were recently up at their cabin in Canada.  They didn’t see any other people the whole time they were there.  The blue light from the almost full moon sounded enchanting, and the quiet they described must have made the paw prints of wolf feel fresher, and their owner closer.

 But what marked me the most was the story of the beaver swimming in the circle of open water on a mostly frozen river.  That beaver just kept going round and round in order to keep that patch of water from freezing over.

 I marvel at the simplicity of his task, and at the absolute relevance to the present moment.

 I also am amazed that he, like me, stays in such a place where sometimes the dailyness of life has added dimensions simply because of the cold and snow.  While the beaver is swimming circles, I’m weighing the whys and why nots. 

 Today most of the snow in Minneapolis has melted, and the worst of winter has surely passed.  But it will also surely linger on.  Which is why I am so very glad that in a few short days I will be getting on a plane leaving the tights and long underwear behind!



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