Inside Outside



In her holiday book list, my friend Martha recommended The Sculpture of Ruth Asawa, and I have been enjoying it tremendously.  There are images of her wire sculptures that I could look at for hours. 




I love the transparency, the directness of the material, and maybe most of all, the simplicity.




What I am finding to be most intriguing at this time (and relevant to my own work) is perhaps the continuity and integration of outside and inside that the wire allows.  That relationship has been integral to my own work for some time.  But most recently, as I am making more closed forms, I am finding that I need to find a whole new way to work with and think about the inside since it is no longer apparent.   The connection between inside and outside is inevitable, jut not visible.  I have the choice if I want to allude to that interior space or not, and that is a choice that I am not used to having.


 img_0042.jpg     img_0050.jpg     img_0041.jpg


I am still discovering if it is a choice that inspires or paralyzes. 


And possibly if I can incorporate a little more grey into my thought processes.



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